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Mix: Skyk - Nachtmusik Vol. 4 // am 06.07.2009

Check out Skyks new mix Nachtmusik Vol. 4 on Soundcloud.

Have fun :)

Skyk - Nachtmusik Vol. 4 by phainorecords

Release: PHR002 // am 13.05.2009

"Skyk and Phaino Records have already proven themselves as a great team with the first release and are ready to set their next 2 tracks loose.

Many of us will already suspect it, but you probably shouldn‘t eat Skyk‘s „Sushi“, and „Minimizzle“ is also not a ... whatever that is. But as always, those names come as no coincidence, or do they? The facts are, both tracks feature tricky grooves and dreamy melodies that will make fun on the dancefloor and at home."

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Release: PHR001 // am 15.04.2009

"Phaino records invites to party!

Driving grooves and catchy basslines – Skyk releases two electro house smasher right on time for the start of the label:
The frenetic “Klabautermann” lets the Club go wild and gets more and more out of control until nobody can stand still any longer. “New Disco Fever” does not only do the same but literally tears you onto that dance floor. This is where big bass sounds meet catchy guitar riffs, which get a hold of everything in their way."

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